24H Auction BSC chain first auction | CryptoArt.Ai and KAKA launch Christmas KAKA rabbit NFT card

Reward — 500$ equivalent CART bid reward

To engage more users to enjoy the first 24H Auction of the BSC chain on the CA platform, we will add an additional $500 equivalent CART as bidding bonus benefit for active bidders. Requirements are as follows.

How do I get high rewards?

Collectors can participate in auctions directly and receive a 5% “Bid To Earn” bonus + a bid bonus.

Featuring bidding model under DAO system

New“Bid To Earn” and “Share To Earn”

“Bid To Earn”: 1 % for all participating bidders, the latter earning a 5% bonus on the difference between the previous person’s bids.


KAKA NFT WORLD is a gaming competition ecological platform focusing on the meta-universe chain game section, dedicated to combining the ecological application of the NFT+DEFI section, constructing a cross-chain bridge based on the concept of global decentralisation, aggregating global brands of various IPs, creating a decentralised autonomous management (DAO), vertical prediction protocols for the e-sports market, and shaping an open and transparent, decentralised and perfect ecology value project. The main segments are divided into the following two categories: R&D, sales, trading, circulation, online competition, and trendy toys for gaming and art NFTs; and the Prediction Market, which focuses on the e-sports field.

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Website: https://cryptoart.ai/



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