24H Auction|CA to open on December 3,Autumn moods come flooding in

“The autumn sun is supremely pure, falling away from all mundanity and shedding all false pretensions. In the change of day and night, the real me is returned.” Autumn, the theme of the wind, is the most intense colour of change, and CryptoArt.Ai’s second 24 Countdown Auction starts from the “roots” and takes the eye as the reality, choosing the work “Autumn scenery” by 0xAi for the second 24H Auction from a wide range of artists. The second edition of the 24H Auction will feature the work Autumn scenery by 0xAi.

The auction will start on December 3rd at 12:00 UTC, and interested parties can visit the CryptoArt.Ai official website to collect a limited edition CA exclusive NFT piece (https://cryptoart.ai/gallery/detail/0xAi/1111 ).

The NFT auction will be a 24-hour countdown auction, with a starting price of 1 ETH for NFT artworks, and will be a UK-style auction, with the highest bidder winning within a set time frame. At the end of the auction, the winner will be able to sell the artwork on CryptoArt.Ai for a secondary sale or private collection.

Bonus — $500 bidding bonus

To allow more people to enjoy our new feature, we are adding an additional $500 bonus benefit for active bidders, as follows.

A minimum of 2 bids to qualify for this bonus.

500 will be awarded to the one collector with the most active bid

A bidder who meet both of the above criteria will receive a $500 bonus, subject to final interpretation.

How do I get a high reward?

1.Collectors — can participate directly in the auction and receive a 5% Bid To Earn bonus + $500 bid bonus.

2. Besides, every user can share their auctions and receive a 1% “Share To Earn” bonus for successful invitations to bid.

Bid under a DAO model

New percentages of sharing interest includes 5% “Bid To Earn” and 1% “Share To Earn” bonus have been added to the 24 hour countdown.

“Bid To Earn”: a percentage bonus for all participating bidders, the latter earning a 5% bonus on the difference between the previous person’s bids.

“Share To Earn”: On the NFT page of the 24-hour countdown auction, users can share NFT links, which they appreciate and they regard promising to a deal, via Twitter, Discord, Instagram and others. If a deal is mad through an invitation link, the inviter will receive 1% of the auction value.

Auction ‘Autumn scenery’

This piece is clear and clean in creative language. These 7 images of autumn woods from the same viewpoint are made by artist 0xAi and co-produced by AI-Human. The painting is mainly in blue and purple, laying out this clear sky, bright clouds, light and shadow on the transient forest leaves …. The poetic romance of the autumn woods comes to life.

The transformation of the landscape created by the overlapping of the same perspective, with an animation-like quality, creates a sense of time and space that passes by.

Breaking the Shell — Oil painting to Digital Transformation Artist — 0xAi

0xAi is an engineer and Ai-generating artist from Chicago, USA. His father is an accomplished architectural and engineering designer and his mother is a college art teacher.

Influenced by his parents, 0xAi showed an interest and talent for art at an early age. After graduating from high school, 0xAi attended the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Ardmore School of Engineering on the south side of Chicago, and after completing undergraduate degree, he enrolled in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for a Master’s degree in Art Technology. With an interest in digital technology and the humanities, 0xAi’s graduate work explores the relationship between history, humanities, engineering ecology, Ai generation and virtual reality from an art-technology perspective.

After entering the field of artistic creation in NFT at the end of 2020, 0xAi quickly found his way in this new scene and tried to practice his exploration of art, technology and humanities in the context of NFT in a virtual ecology. From the few works he has uploaded, it is clear that 0xAi has a solid knowledge and appreciation of traditional painting, and his work often reveals an unexpectedly classical oil-painting quality, despite the seemingly loose and undisciplined nature of the splashes of colour and brushwork. However, the artist’s mastery of digital language is evident in the romantic and highly charged brushstrokes.

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The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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