A fashion photographer who shot top celebrities now lays eyes on cryptoart

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Marcelo is a successful fashion photographer who has worked with many top pop stars in the States. In his words, he is an artist himself, and the camera is only a medium for expressing his thoughts. His artworks were snapped up by collectors in a flash after on-lining at the cryptoart.ai platform, and the latest piece of artwork LA SUPREME was sold at a high price of 29.95 ETH. Strong visual impact, bold color and dramatic picture composition are his artworks. Through his artworks, audience can see that Marcelo have a rather advanced aesthetic sense and his works always evoke empathy and engagement with audience. It does not make people wonder that numerous fans have gathered around his crypto artwork in a short period.


1. How long have you been creating digital art? Can you tell us your own story?

I started creating digital art December 2017. Months before, I was going through a creative block and felt my work was stagnant and needed a revamp. I was on YouTube and I stumbled upon a Zbrush tutorial and was excited with all the possibilities it had to offer. I have not looked back since then!

Burning Faith

2. I know that you are a successful fashion photographer yourself. Which celebrities have you worked with and who impressed you the most?

Thank you! I worked with many celebrities including Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Heidi Klum, Young Thug, Kelly Rowland and many more. Honestly, I’ve had very good experiences with all of them and they each bring a different positive energy on set.


3. So far, what has happened in the field of NFT that impressed you the most?

I definitely feel like NFT’s have created a platform for artists to showcase and make real money selling their art. As the NFT community grows, more artists are more confident to communicate and share work with each other. I think that’s really important because we are usually in the shadows.

4. What do you think is the relationship between art and fashion? Which name do you prefer, photographer or artist?

Fashion is Art and Art is Fashion. It is hard to pick one over the other because I feel we are all Artists in a way and photography is just a medium. There are so many mediums I also enjoy such as cinema therefore, I can’t just pick one!

Midnight Sun

5. What will your next work of art look like? Can you tell us about your plan?

I’m all about vibes and energy. I usually start with a blank canvas then I put on some music and begin feeling. After my coffee, I begin placing random models on my 3d program and take it from there!

Traffic Cone

6. What do you think is the best thing about NFT art? How do you think this industry will develop in the future?

I think the best thing about NFT’s is that I can showcase my work in a stage where the whole world is watching. I think the industry is already adapting and will probably use NFT as the new common way of advertising. I expect to see many NFT pop-up galleries soon!

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