Background | CART: Rights and Interests of CryptoArt.Ai Ecosystem

CryptoArt.Ai, the largest NFT trading platform in Asia, integrates NFT generation, sales, auction, collection, and transfer. In the short span of 7 months, the number of artists on the platform is as high as 808 with a sale rate of 65%. Total sales amounts to 445.78 ETH, among which there are many outstanding artists such as Pak who’s ranked #1 on Superrare, contemporary popular artist Song Ting, graffiti encryption artist Suryanto, and digital art group Ouchhh.

As one of the leading platforms in NFT artwork, CryptoArt.Ai has successfully held offline exhibitions such as the world’s first large scale offline NFT exhibition “Impact in Reality”, and conducted offline auctions with NOVA Investments, Poly, Yongle and other auction houses. During the NFTArt auction with NOVA, the CryptoArt.Ai platform also jointly conducted a commercial art auction with world-renowned crypto artists Pak and Song Ting, “Art is Time”. The artworks were sold for 169 ETH, or $595,308.

In order to further develop the CryptoArt.Ai ecosystem, we are pleased to announce — the launch of our NFT governance token-CART.

About CART

Token name: CryptoArt.Ai

Token abbreviation: CART

Total issuance: 100,000,000

Token type: ERC-20

CART is the ecosystem token of the CryptoArt.Ai platform. It has the dual attributes of platform currency + authority.

Users can stake CART to obtain BCART. The locked BCART can unlock three levels of NFT artwork issued by the platform. This dynamic process is based on the weighted average of the market and token quantity. The rewarded NFT artwork can be used to collection, or to transfer to others, or exchanged back to CART. In the near future, there is another way of using CART. The user can pay in CART to push the NFT artwork to the trending page of DAPP. A part of the platform’s revenue is used to repurchase and burn CART, further reducing the total amount of CART and gradually becoming a scarce resource.

As the governance token of CryptoArt.Ai, it enables active artists and collectors on CryptoArt.Ai to participate in the platform’s governance and future planning of the platform through voting, as well as participate in curation and review.

How to get CART

1. Buy on a cryptocurrency exchange

CART is launched on the exchange, users can directly purchase CART.

2. Obtained on cart.finane platform Staking

On Cart.Finance, users can stake CART to exchange for a mystery box, which gives them a percentage increase in the total holdings.

Rights of CART token holders

1. Community DAO governance

In the CryptoArt.Ai community ecosystem, CART is the only ecosystem token. Any user who holds CART can participate in the in-depth governance of CryptoArt.Ai, so that the majority of users and the CryptoArt.Ai ecosystem can reach a stable balance.

2. Staking gets NFT

CART token holders can stake on CART.Finance to obtain NFTs issued by the platform and enjoy DeFi+NFT.

3. Pay to get priority and other permissions (to be launched)

On the CryptoArt.Ai platform, users can use CART as a handling fee. Additionally, users can also prioritize your NFT artwork based on CART holdings to gain more exposure on the CA website.




The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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