CART. Finance V2 Tutorial: How to Participate in the “DeFi+NFT” Product

3 min readMay 10, 2022


CART. Finance V2 is the “DeFi+NFT” Product with the Ethereum Mainchain. In this article, we will explain how you can FARM, POOL and NFT STAKING.

What is CART.Finance V2

CART.Finance is the DeFi experimental platform of CryptoArt.Ai, Asia’s largest NFT encrypted art platform, using the “DeFi+NFT” model, which allows users to stake CART with one click to receive different NFT or CART rewards. Compared to V1, V2 has added Farm and Pool functions and improved NFT staking function.

Before you start Farm, Pool and NFT Staking

1. Connect wallet to the Ethereum mainchain

2. Make sure you have enough CART and UNI, and some ETH as Gas fee

Note: You can buy some CART through Uniswap, gate.

CART Contract: 0x5c8c8d560048f34e5f7f8ad71f2f81a89dbd273e

NFT Staking

In CART.Finance, Users need to stake CART in advance to obtain bCART, and then use enough bCART to exchange Card NFT.

1. Open the official website( )

2. Click on the “STAKE “ button

3. Input the amount of CART you want to stake (Min 20,000 CART)

4. Click on the “Confirm” butter, then you will get bCART rewards.

Note: Also, you can click the “Withdraw” to get your reward. And with enough bCART, you can charge the Card NFT.


1. Click on the “Pool” button

2. Choose the situation, Locked or Flexible

3. Select the CART amount you want you stake

4. Click on the “Stake” button

5. Confirm on blockchain and gas fee

Note: You can see the reward on the Reward record, and meanwhile, you can withdraw your rewards. BUT if you choose “Locked”, then you must wait for the timeline.


First, you need to make sure you already have CART — USDT LP. If not, you should get CART-UNI LP through Uniswap

You should select the CART and USDT amount you want to stake, then click” Supply” and confirm on the blockchain.

1. Click on the “Farms” button

2. Choose the situation, Locked or Flexible

3. Select the LP amount you want yor stake

4. Click on the “Enter Amount” button

5. Confirm on blockchain and gas fee

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