$CART is listed on PancakeSwap

We are happy and excited to announce the first full swing listing of $CART token on PancakeSwap — The largest Binance network decentralized exchange. PancakeSwap allows traders to exchange $CART for $BNB. To Swap $CART ,you can connect your Metamask wallet, or any other BEP20 supported wallet.

BEP20 $CART Token:


Cross-chain guide:https://cryptoart-ai.medium.com/cart-is-the-erc-20-token-of-the-cryptoart-ai-6a1c5d239fe4

In the near future, $CART will also register to participate in the Auction campaign for PancakeSwap Farm. If the election is successful, $CART coin holders can conduct liquidity mining on PancakeSwap, obtain $CAKE and $CART token rewards, and also enjoy high-speed and low-fee transaction services on binsecurity intelligent chain.

$CART is the Token of the CryptoArt.Ai platform ecology, with a total of 100 million tokens and the dual properties of platform currency and privilege Token. The token has the following application scenarios:

  • Platform transaction commission part repurchase
  • Community DAO Governance
  • DeFi + NFT products
  • Staking for NFT
  • Pay access to the top priority rights, more rights and interests will gradually unlock.

PancakeSwap is one of the most well-known exchanges on Binance Smart Chain that provides a hassle-free experience with a simple interface designed to accommodate features such as Swapping, Staking and Bridging assets.

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