CART is the ERC-20 Token of the CryptoArt.Ai platform ecology, which has the dual attributes of platform currency + governance token.

CART was the first ERC20 token issued on the ETH network and has now been cross chained to the BSC network. During multi-chain deployment, CART cross-chain operations will be involved. Here is a brief description of cross-chain tools and instructions.

  1. CART-token contract address

Note: In both ETH and BSC network, the CART contract address is: 0x5c8c8d560048f34e5f7f8ad71f2f81a89dbd273e

2. Cross-chain of CART Pass (centralized exchange)

At present, CART has successfully launched Gate, Aex, ZB, Bitmart, Hotbit, Bitwell, ZT, Bilaxy and other exchanges. Users can (ETH, BEP20) withdraw and deposit on centralized exchanges.

3. Cross-chain navigation map of CART pass (decentralized exchange)

Users can use the “Poly” cross-chain tool to exchange between all CART tokens.

4. Cross-chain guide (decentralized exchange)

The following is the “CART” cross-chain tutorial from the ETH chain to the BSC chain.

1)Open the Bridge cross-chain network, and open the MetaMask wallet to switch the Ethereum main network.

Note: The cross-chain process needs to charge the Ethereum GAS network fee, so please make sure that the wallet has a certain amount of ETH for GAS fee.

2)Click the fox icon in the upper right corner, and then click “MetaMask Connect” to connect to the wallet.

3)Select the account and click “Next” to connect to the wallet successfully.

4)Switch to CART for Asset on the Bridge interface, select “From Ethereum To BSC”, enter the number of CART transfers, and click “CONNECT WALLET” to enter the authorization interface.

5)Click “APPROVE” to enter the confirmation authorization; this operation requires attention, the authorization process will charge a certain GAS network fee according to the ETH network.

6) Click “confirm”. During this step, the cross-chain information must be confirmed on the Ethereum chain, so please wait patiently for 1~5 minutes. You can check the cross-chain progress on the official website “history”. When the interface displays “Finished”, it means the cross-chain is completed.

Note: A certain amount of GAS network fee will be charged according to the Ethernet network during the successful cross-chain process.

7) After the cross-chain is successful, click “next” to the avatar in the upper right corner to switch the BSC network, and click “add tokens”.

Enter the CART contract address: 0x5c8c8d560048f34e5f7f8ad71f2f81a89dbd273e

You can check the number of CARTs on the BSC network.

About $CART

$CART is the Token of the CryptoArt.Ai platform ecology, with a total of 100 million tokens and the dual properties of platform currency and privilege Token. The token has the following application scenarios:

  • Platform transaction commission part repurchase
  • Community DAO Governance
  • DeFi + NFT products
  • Staking for NFT
  • Pay access to the top priority rights, more rights and interests will gradually unlock.

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