CART will be launched on BitWell Exchange

We are very happy to announce that CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) will be launched on BitWell on the 20th of Aug, 2021, the global digital asset trading platform.

As an international digital asset derivatives trading platform,BitWell has a strong track record in the DeFi and NFT markets, for cooperation, CART wants to take this partnership to the next level.

The listing features will be as follows:

Deposit Time: 8/19/2021 14:00 (UTC+8)

Trade Time: 8/20/2021 14:00 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Time: 8/23/2021 14:00 (UTC+8)

About Bitwell

BitWell is an international digital asset derivatives trading platform, with options as the breakthrough and main product. Now it has several product lines such as options, perpetual contracts, spot, and savings flexible finance, etc. Also, BitWell is the fastest and most complete platform for listing BSC quality projects spot trading. BitWell can provide users with one-stop digital asset trading and financial management services.

BitWell is committed to becoming an economically stimulating open financial ecology builder, creating safe, efficient, standardized and perfect blockchain financial products, enabling investors of all parties to exercise the right of use, benefit and exchange better, balancing risk and return.

About CryptoArt.Ai

CryptoArt.Ai is the largest decentralized NFT marketplace in Asia, including NFT creation, sell, auctions, collect, and transfer. CryptoArt.Ai has strict standards for potential artists: artists submit the application to the council and only verified original author can list NFT artworks.

In the future, CryptoArt.Ai will be featuring music, movies, photography, and so on, along with bidding rewards, Defi+NFT,collaborations, Dao, and other innovative modules. CryptoArt.Ai relies on global artists and collectors to accelerate the growth of NFT market. Based current artists’ count, auction closing rate, and total sales, CryptoArt.Ai ranks #1 in Asia since launched in Oct. 2020.

About $CART

$CART is an ERC-20 Token of the platform ecology, with a total of 100 million tokens and the dual properties of platform currency and privilege Token. The token has the following application scenarios:

  • Platform transaction commission part repurchase
  • Community DAO Governance
  • DeFi + NFT products
  • Staking for NFT
  • Pay access to the top priority rights, more rights and interests will gradually unlock.

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The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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