Conclusion of Institutional Investment Round

We are proud to announce a successful round of refinance amounting to $2.4 million USD.

This could never been achieved without the help and support from more than 30 institutions around the world. Their encouragement and trust are drive and inspiration for our team.

A huge thank to corporations and institutions below:


Waterdrip Capital

Kirin Fund


imToken Ventures

Signum Capital


Consensus Lab

Lancer Capital

Damo Labs

Chain Capital

Bitrise Capital

Legos Capital

LD Capital

Gate Labs

Ti Capital

Chain Renaissance

R8 Capital

Skywater Capital


Amedeo Capital

N7 Labs

Quest Capital

7 o’clock Capital



Homi Global Investment

Beep Crypto

YBB Foundation

Searchlight Capital


Anduyo Nelson

Poolz Finance

Sky High Tech Limited

We will continue making CryptoArt.Ai a better place for users and the market.

Looking forward to the upcoming launch of CART!

Stay tuned for updates!

About CryptoArt.Ai

CryptoArt.Ai is the largest decentralized NFT marketplace in Asia, including NFT creation, sell, auctions, collect, and transfer. CryptoArt.Ai has strict standards for potential artists: artists submit the application to the council and only verified original author can list NFT artworks.

In the future, CryptoArt.Ai will be featuring music, movies, photography, and so on, along with bidding rewards, Defi+NFT,collaborations, Dao, and other innovative modules. CryptoArt.Ai relies on global artists and collectors to accelerate the growth of NFT market. Based current artists’ count, auction closing rate, and total sales, CryptoArt.Ai ranks #1 in Asia since launched in Oct. 2020.



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