Crypto Shanghai|CryptoArt.Ai is about to participate in the Himalayas Web3.0 Digital Art Exhibition

3 min readNov 6, 2022

We are pleased to announce that CryptoArt.Ai will be an exhibitor and will participate in the first “Crypto art · Himalayas Web3.0 Digital Art Exhibition” held in Shanghai on November 11, 2022.

The post-epidemic era is gradually blurring the border between reality and the virtual, and digital art is rewriting a new chapter in art history using blockchain as a medium. The art of digital art has been scattered all over the world, like a river of stars, gathering, surrounding and shining in a new light. It may be innovative in its principles, breaking the rules, presenting artistic expression from paper in storage based on technology, breaking away from tradition, deconstructing the “invisible” beauty of digital art, colliding and balancing science and art, reason and knowledge.

In this digital art exhibition, CryptoArt.Ai will provide high-quality works of art, show the unique charm of digital art with avant-garde ideology, and invite art creators and collectors from all over the world to participate in a cross-era “behavior Art” practice, realizing a “decentralized” mass art market on the blockchain.

Web3.0 Digital Art Exhibition

The first “Encryption Shanghai Himalayas Web3.0 Digital Art Exhibition” will be held at the Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum on November 11, and the exhibition summit will last for 4 Today, the Himalayas Art Museum hopes to intervene as an art public platform to promote the reform of the art ecology.

With the help of a clear physical space, the exhibition is divided into four connected sections. The first two parts invite and exhibit the works of PFP and NFT Art that lead the NFT mainstream market, directly showing the most breakthrough power of encryption art; the third and fourth parts respectively expand on the main body of NFT art creation and the prominent future development direction. Think further. It tries to create an encrypted art aesthetic education classroom that stimulates the masses’ sensibility and thinking with layers of space that are organically connected to each other.

  • PFP: The most primitive “mass power” of the NFT community is displayed in this part;
  • NFT Art: It shows the new technical power that digital art is constantly endowed within the dynamic construction process;
  • Independent artists: Provide artists with an Experimental space;
  • Digital collection: Digital art with more cultural and creative attributes.

Let’s count down together and look forward to the “Sound of Miracles” in Shanghai, China!

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