CryptoArt. Ai ($CART) weekly 27 | November 22th — November 28th

Last week, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) has made new progress! In order to give our followers an overview of our project, we summarized the latest projects into bite-sized news, including ecosystem collaboration, media influence, technical progress, and community influence.

1. Ecosystem Collaboration

On November 23, the Chengdu·Trend Pioneer Art Season, co-hosted by CryptoArt.Ai, AFI Style IP Center and WAY ART SPACE, will open on December 17

2. Media dynamics


1) At 22:00 on November 28 (UTC+8), CryptoArt.Ai CMO Freya participated in the Crypto Global community AMA

2) At 18:00 on November 22 (UTC+8), CryptoArt.Ai CMO Freya participated in the Crypto Clash community AMA


1) On November 26, overseas KOL CRYPTO LADY made an in-depth report on CryptoArt.Ai on YouTube

2) On November 25th, AFI Style IP offered CryptoArt. Ai and Qin Jianxin conducted an exclusive interview and published a pioneer spokesperson for “2022 Cool Gamer” | Cryptoart.AI and Qin Jianxin report

3. Technological progress

1) Completed

CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) platform V2 version:

A: Official website $CART details introduction

B: The Graph interface optimization

C: Configure Mask Network

D: Build Klaytn network

E: Background optimization-works hidden

2) In progress

Cryptoart. Ai V2.0 :

A: The BSC network has been deployed and needs to debug the interface

B: In the Features function test, a draft box needs to be added

C: Video optimization-generate 3 second video

4. Community influence

During last week, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)actively expanded external cooperation, committed to creating IP and cryptoart, and further expanded the influence and popularity of CryptoArt. Ai ($CART). The current official social media follower numbers are listed below:

About CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)

CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) is the largest decentralized NFT marketplace in Asia, including NFT creation, sell, auctions, collect, and transfer. CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)has strict standards for potential artists: artists submit the application to the council and only verified original authors can show NFT artworks.

In the future, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) will be featuring music, movies, photography, and so on, along with bidding rewards, Defi+NFT, collaborations, Dao, and other innovative modules. CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)relies on global artists and collectors to accelerate the growth of NFT market. Based on current artists’ count, auction closing rate, and total sales, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) ranks #1 in Asia since launched in Oct. 2020.

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