CryptoArt. Ai ($CART) weekly 58| July 25 — July 31

2 min readAug 1, 2022

Last week, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) has made new progress! In order to give our followers an overview of our project, we summarized the latest projects into bite-sized news, including ecosystem collaboration, media influence, technical progress, and community influence.

1. Ecological cooperation

On July 31st, CryptoArt.Ai held a Twitter Space with the theme of “Zen & DAO|Empower the traditional culture with the narrative of NFT ”, inviting A/V GALLERY Founder Wang Meng & Doris, crypto artist ZOOJOO, Vulcan DAO founder Nico Yang, and SeeDao NFT Club founder BC to join the discussion on art empowerment.

2. Technological progress

1) Completed

CryptoArt.Ai V2:

A: Optimize the artist participation portal

B: Simplify the design of the CryptoArt.Ai website

2) In progress

CryptoArt.Ai V2.

A: Support ecological chain adjustment

3. Community influence

During last week, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)actively expanded external cooperation, committed to creating IP and crypto art, and further expanded the influence and popularity of CryptoArt. Ai ($CART). The current official social media follower numbers are listed below:

About CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)

CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) is Asia’s largest decentralized NFT marketplace, including NFT creation, sell, auctions, collect, and transfer. CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)has strict standards for potential artists: artists submit the application to the council and only verified original authors can show NFT artworks.

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