CryptoArt. Ai ($CART) weekly 70| October 24 — October 30

2 min readOct 31, 2022

Last week, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) made new progress! In order to give our followers an overview of our project, we summarized the latest projects into bite-sized news, including ecosystem collaboration, media influence, technical progress, and community influence.

1. Ecological cooperation

October 27th, CryptoArt.Ai held an AMA event at Discord with the theme “The next NFT to market”, discussing the current state of NFT, mobility solutions of NFT and the “Tweet Tiles” feature currently being tested by Twitter. Besides, also discussed the possibilities of the future of NFT as well.

2. Technological progress

1) Completed

CryptoArt.Ai V2:

A: Secondary market trading recommendation

B: Optimization of NFT review mechanism

2) In progress

CryptoArt.Ai V2.

A: Optimize the underlying technical logic

B: Add invitation mechanism rewards

3. Community influence

During last week, CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)actively expanded external cooperation, committed to creating IP and crypto art, and further expanded the influence and popularity of CryptoArt. Ai ($CART). The current official social media follower numbers are listed below:

About CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)

CryptoArt.Ai ($CART) is Asia’s largest decentralized NFT marketplace, including NFT creation, sale, auctions, collection, and transfer. CryptoArt.Ai ($CART)has strict standards for potential artists: artists submit the application to the council and only verified original authors can show NFT artworks.

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