CryptoArt.Ai V2 Beta Release With Super Bonus!

After three months of continuous efforts, CryptoArt.Ai V2 Beta is going to be released!

From the early start up to the fame of the world’s first crypto art exhibition in May 2021, which received high praise internationally. Due to the focus on the art field, innovative model of DeFi+NFT and deep penetration into Asia, CryptoArt.Ai has ranked first in Asia in terms of the number of artists in the platform, artwork turnover rate and amount.

To celebrate the launch of V2 Beta, the CryptoArt.Ai team will release the CryptoArt.

Join the CryptoArt.Ai community now to qualify for the early community co-built member airdrop rewards!

Total Prize Pool:

45,000 CART

Airdrop award worth $18,000!

Activity Period:

9 November 2021 8:00–19 November 2021 8:00 UTC

How do I qualify for the rewards?

I. Complete the primary mission in 3 steps to qualify for the CART airdrop bonus!

Rewards headcount: 500

Reward total: 10,000 CART

##1.Join the Task link

It contains 3 steps:

a. Follow offical Twitter @CryptoArt_Ai

b.Like and retweet the activity tweet and Tweet 3 friends(

c.Join the discord junior channel:

##2.Fill in the form and wait for the lucky draw

The more people you invite, the higher the chance of winning!

II. invite friends to join Discord, divide 35000 CART rewards

Activity 1:

Successfully invite 5 friends to join the Discord community, you can get 50 CART rewards, only the first 500 people.

Activity 2:

Invitation Ranking Reward

Based on the number of invitations, the top 10 users will enjoy a 10,000 CART reward

The rewards are as follows:

First place: 3000 CART

Second place: 2000 CART

Third place: 1200 CART

Fourth place: 900 CART

Fifth place: 800 CART

Sixth place: 700 CART

Seventh place: 500 CART

Eighth place: 400 CART

Ninth place: 300 CART

Tenth place: 200 CART

Discord invitation tutorial

1. Go to the Discord primary channel on CryptoArt.Ai:

2、Invite others to discord

Select the “Invite-check” channel and click on the icon to get the invitation link

Click icon

3、Check the ranking and the number of invites

In this channel you can enter “-invites” to check the number of invites you have at any time, and the ranking will be updated automatically in 15 minutes.

  • Precautions

The CryptoArt.Ai team will reserve the right of final interpretation of this activity.

Those who use unconventional means to participate in the campaign will be disqualified from the rewards.

Invitation rewards are not stackable and the final number of rewards is based on the highest reward available.

The rewards will be paid out within 5 working days after the end of the campaign.



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