CryptoArt.Ai Valentine’s Day Limited NFT「Eternal Love 」

2 min readFeb 10, 2022


CryptoArt.Ai will launch a limited number of Valentine’s Day NFTs to record your eternal love on blockchain!

CryptoArt.Ai will launch a special campaign on Twitter for Valentine’s Day, and open a pre-sale of 19 copies of the private customized “Frozen moment-FOREVERLOVE” NFTs, which will permanently record the couple’s names in a single NFT issued by CryptoArt.Ai.

CryptoArt.Ai will hold a couple’s confession-”Love out loud” event to win 80 festival-limited “Witness · TRUELOVE” NFT rewards, and show the true nature of love in the world of NFTs!

Romance incarnate: Eros and Rose NFT

When love became colorful and delightful, enchanted with the warmth, everything is full of surprises, just as when Cupid suddenly shoots an arrow at us and I trek thousands of miles with the fragrance of roses to meet the one. NFT+Love, a romance on the blockchain, the third world carrier NFT is given a new meaning- love can burst out beautifully in reality and virtual.

This Valentine’s Day NFT is a limited edition, let’s witness love on the blockchain! Roses are synonymous with romance, and the ritual of a bouquet of flowers never goes out of style. The Eros is coming to you with roses in his hand. Eros and Rose NFT is unique, with a white and red colour scheme, showing intimate, passion and romance of love. This encounter of name redemption is about to be staged in the world of blockchain, and you are the leading character!

Participation rules

1) Private custom “Frozen Moment- FOREVERLOVE”

Source: Direct purchase. CryptoArt.Ai (BSC network) primary market, the selling price is 1 BNB, and the details as follows.

1. Switch to BSC network on CryptoArt.Ai official website and login to your wallet

2. Buy the NFT on the CryptoArt.Ai website:

3. Using the registered email address on the CryptoArt.Ai platform, send an email to and submit relevant information (Including the couple’s name, your username and wallet address on the CryptoArt.Ai platform)

2) Confession — Valentine’s Day Limited “Witness — TRUELOVE”

Source: Obtained by participating in the event airdrop. Users can complete the basic tasks on the social media platform Twitter, confess lover and @ beloved ones and @Cryptoart_ai, share it with friends and family to get extra points, the first 80 with the highest score will be rewarded with NFTs.

Time: 2022/02/10 18:00–2022/02/13 16:00 (UTC+8)


NFT Distribution

We will distribute the Valentine’s Day limited edition NFT to users within 5 working days after the event.The final right to explain the event belongs to CryptoArt.Ai.

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