CryptoArt. Ai weekly 10 | July 19 — July 25

In the past week, CryptoArt.Ai has made new progress! In order to give CryptoArt.Ai followers an overview of our project, we summarized the latest projects into bit size pieces. They include ecosystem collabration, media influence, technical progress, and community influence.

1. Ecosystem Collabration

2) On July 23, CryptoArt. Ai was invited to report for 36 krypton, and published “Over 8 million transactions in 7 months, CryptoArt.Ai, the leading NFT encrypted art platform in Asia, received 7.5 million first round of financing”, please refer to the link:

3) On July 23, CryptoArt. Ai recently completed an institutional round of financing of US$2.4 million. This round of financing was led by DFG, Waterdrip Capital, and Kirin. For details, please refer to the link:

4) On July 20, CryptoArt.Ai and Neon Art Museum Farhouse reached a cooperation intention, and has successfully entered the CryptoArt.Ai platform, please refer to the link:

2. Media dynamics


2) On July 24, ArtPro reported on the auction of Yayoi Kusama’s works and published the article “The First Case of NFT “Enabling” Physical Artworks by Yayoi Kusama [Unlimited]], which broke the record of 105 million yuan, please refer to the link:

3) On July 23, Hi Art released the original Yayoi Kusama and NFT certificate for auction. What does the mysterious seller think? 》The article, please refer to the link:

4) On July 20th, Shanghai Dragon TV reported “Shanghai: First attempt at blockchain digital deposit proof Yayoi Kusama’s billion-level original work is about to be auctioned”, please refer to the link:

5) On July 20, Rhythm released “When Yayoi Kusama meets NFT, can it bring a new gameplay? “, to discuss the combination of NFT and physical art, please refer to the link:


2) On July 13, Cryptoart. Ai held “Coffer Morning with CA News” on Twitter Space to show the recent progress of Cryptoart. Ai in exhibition, auction, IP cooperation and so on. Contribute to the art ecosystem of Cryptoart. Ai.


2) On July 23, 15:00, CryptoArt.Ai CMO Freya was a guest at ZB, and launched an AMA with the theme “In-depth interpretation of Asia’s largest NFT encrypted artwork platform CryptoArt.Ai”

3) On July 21, 22:00, CryptoArt.Ai CMO Freya was a guest at Poolz AMA

4) On July 21, 19:30, CryptoArt.Ai CMO Freya was a guest at Gate and launched an AMA with the theme “C-bit debut, the road to breaking the circle of encrypted digital art platform CryptoArt.Ai”

5) On July 20, 22:00, CryptoArt.Ai held a “Music Sharing with CA” event in Telegrm and Discord, inviting many artists to discuss music stories


3. Technological progress

1) Completed

B: Optimized the main interface, market function and layout UI design

2) In progress

A: Optimize the design of the 24-hour auction contract

B: Increase the list of works

C: Optimization of the bidding interface

4. Community influence

About CryptoArt.Ai

In the future, CryptoArt.Ai will be featuring music, movies, photography, and so on, along with bidding rewards, Defi+NFT,collaborations, Dao, and other innovative modules. CryptoArt.Ai relies on global artists and collectors to accelerate the growth of NFT market. Based current artists’ count, auction closing rate, and total sales, CryptoArt.Ai ranks #1 in Asia since launched in Oct. 2020.

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