CryptoArt.Ai x K11|Nothing World: Confessions of PLABIT

3 min readOct 18, 2022

“The beginning of new aesthetics seems to be a movement in itself” from the third world sequence to find a place for NFTs to live. The voices coming from all directions have filled the entire universe. NFT has broken the boundary between virtual and reality and has become an artistic highland living in the blockchain.

At this time,a special NFT exhibition with the theme of ‘IN ART WE LIVE’ organized by CryptoArt.Ai and ART DIGITAL POWER is on display at K11 shopping mall, №300 Huaihai Middle Road, Huangpu District.

The subversion of the traditional art world is like the subversion of Bitcoin to the traditional financial world. Changes and innovations are subtly exhibition details the life of the NFT world in 2022 from “Digital Art Street 2022” track, and exhibited the “PLABIT” series of works created by artist Grey su. Different from previous solo exhibitions of artists, this exhibition combines traditional printmaking and derivative IP Plabit NFT art projects.

All aspects show the artist’s exploration of the world and the current era. With his unique vision, interdisciplinary identity and experience, he has developed a” weird and eccentric” road that belongs only to him and can be felt everywhere in his works. The delicate balance between the deviant and the real space, unlocks the spiritual world one by one.


PLABIT is Artist Grey su of the rabbit country print by artist Zhang Mu ZOOJOO original gray rabbit was replaced with green striped skin and red armbands, and it was named PLABIT!

After many years In April 2022, it was invited to participate in the Genki Metaverse Art Annual Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, and appeared in the heavy-screen series of ZOOJOO in the exhibition hall of the Arsenale in Venice, and in Shanghai M50 NONE PROJECT and the M+ Marley Center also have simultaneous exhibitions, which are deeply loved by people of all ages. The armbands represent order and responsibility.

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