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4 min readDec 27, 2021


To thank the community for your continued support and companionship, we are opening up the whitelist.The whitelist will offer 1000, each of which will qualify to receive a Dunhuang NFT, which is of great artistic appreciation and collectability.

To qualify for the whitelist, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed and those who complete them will have the opportunity.

You need to log in to our official website first. Users who have successfully registered can click to apply for the white list. The following tasks need to be completed to obtain the white list.

The tasks are as follows.

1. Follow CryptoArt.Ai’s social media accounts at


2. Join the CryptoArt.Ai community channel.



3. Quote the tweet

4、Fill in the BEP20 address

Complete these tasks and you could win a whitelist for the Dunhuang series. The deadline is 10:00 UTC on 30 December.

About “No Waste Dunhuang” polish “Flowing Spectacle” Star River Series — Dogs

“Dunhuang, a treasure of civilisation that has been chiselled to depict 1,600 years of history and the fusion of four ancient civilisations, and “No Waste”, a self-awakening of mankind to reflect on civilisation.

The “Flowing Spectacle” is a polish of the “No Waste Dunhuang” light and shadow digital art, bringing you into the space and time of the caves, and leading you to a long and dreamy journey through the infinite sea of stars.

In the East, painting emphasises the combination of form and meaning, and the totemic aesthetic is implied in the meaning of the painting. The dog is a symbol of loyalty and reliability, and is also a symbol of family stability and interpersonal security.

CH0022-Flowing Spectacle — River of Stars — Dog — Water

CH0027-Flowing Spectacle — River of Stars — Dog — Mountain

CH0035-Flowing Spectacle — Star River — Dog — Wild


SIBO LONGCHUANG, an artist remain high standard on values and content in arts.

Since 2012, SIBO LONGCHUANG has been responsible for the promotion of Chinese culture and art in Asia: the 2013 public artwork of the contemporary animal heads in Yuanmingyuan, the 2013 artwork production and donation to the National Asian Cultural Museum in Singapore, the 2015 public artwork production and donation to the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, China, and assisting Mr. Jackie Chan in promoting the concept of conservation of Chinese ancient houses. In 2016, SIBO LONGCHUANG decided to make a donation to the National Asian Cultural Museum in Singapore.

In 2016, SIBO LONGCHUANG decided to embark on a brand new journey of exploration; “the contemporary aesthetic extraction of civilizational totems, we hope to distill and summarize the beautiful Chinese civilizational totems to create an art graphic that retains the beautiful artistic impressions of our ancestors, but at the same time has contemporary linear beauty and modern colour attributes.

In the past few years, we have felt the charm of the flowing Spectacle of light and shadow, and today we present the “Flowing Spectacle” — Star River series of digital art NFT of the “No Waste Dunhuang” light and shadow art, where we want to present our beloved oriental aesthetic art in the form of modern light and shadow digital art to art lovers and collectors.

Since 2016, SIBO LONGCHUANG has promoted a number of fusion art exhibitions in China and abroad that focus on environmental protection and civilisation; such as “No Waste Planet”, “A Few Arts”, “No Waste Trend”, “No Waste Dunhuang” and “In the Name of Art”, etc. We have also had some success in the physical auction market, and have collaborated with the Institute of Innovation and Research at the Jiaotong University and the Dunhuang Institute of Design and Morphology to create an AI artist that uses Dunhuang aesthetics as the core of art. The exhibition is also a success in the physical auction market.

About CryptoArt.Ai

CryptoArt.Ai is Asia’s largest decentralised NFT crypto art trading platform, integrating NFT generation, sale, auction, collection and transfer. Currently, the platform ranks first in Asia in terms of the number of artists in residence, artwork turnover rate and total.

At the same time, CryptoArt.Ai actively carries out the web3 ecology, reaching an ecological consensus with Web3.0 project Mask and data indexing tool Graph to jointly help the Web3 ecology prosper under the meta-universe and further realise the integration of reality and virtual.

CryptoArt.Ai is also backed by renowned industry investors including DFG, Waterdrip Capital, Kirin Fund, SoftBank Singapore, imToken Ventures, Signum Capital, AU21 and others. Finance adopts the “DeFi+NFT” model, extending the attributes of NFT and aiming to create a complete NFT+DeFi eco-chain.

Since its launch, CryptoArt.Ai has launched the world’s first crypto art exhibition, searched for creative art partners, recruited global ambassadors and other activities, attracting outstanding artists and blockchain practitioners from around the world to join us and work together for the ecological development of the entire CryptoArt.Ai.

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