Insight and Focus: CryptoArt.Ai officially lauched FEATURES

Features: reconstruct and recreate

Features offers a place to curate artworks on block-chain.It is designed to open dialogue between physical and virtual contemporary art. More than a director, Features is a virtual 5D storyteller, allowing a wider audience to read the artist’s intentions and guiding audience to self-analyse through arts.

“We are creating such an exhaustive map of the world that is more than real.”

Features provides recreate the artist’s work through categorizing and exhibiting, by creative styles to NFT themes, each exhibition is a sensational journey to savour.

“The value of nfts is beyond reality as we wander in a sea of symbolic values.”

Through crypto world, we see a glimpse of the world in abstraction. The exchange value of NFT may impact the third world sequence with the value of generated art being well accepted in the physical world. We are facing an unprecedented onslaught of crypto-art, and Features is the ‘manifestation’ of this trend.

Awaken art cell

CryptoArt.Ai latest released Features may displays a long journey in the form of art, inspire an exhibition, or nurture creativity. It is a place of freedom for art and artists.

The year 2021 is drawing to a close, and the emergence of cryptoart is undoubtedly a significant step in the history of the crypto world and art development.

As a crypto art platform at the forefront, CryptoArt.Ai has the dual responsibility of operation and curation. Features is to display the form of curation online, taking the platform as the lead, helping artists and curators to carry out art experiment across geography and time, in a sense, an awakening of the sense of autonomy under DAO. We seek to showcase the diversity of art in all forms that is not a stereotype and is never a privileged minority.

How to curate Features

As a decentralised NFT trading platform, we welcome all kinds of art proposals from artists, curators and collectors, promote the long-term value of crypto art and contribute new ideas!

If you have a good proposal, you will need to prepare.

● Exhibition title

● Subtitle

● Curatorial text

● Curator

● Start date

● End date

● Location (Virtual/IRL)

● Website address URL

● Featured artists on CryptoArt.Ai

● Featured artworks on CryptoArt.Ai

● Summary of each artist’s work

● Cover image (2000 x 1000 pixels)

● Installation skatch, related plans

● Videos (panel discussions, interviews, studio visits, etc.), video titles

● Editorial

● Comments and review

To be fully prepared, please contact the official CryptoArt.Ai at hello@CryptoArt.Ai as much as possible 2 weeks in advance.

Our professional team will thoroughly review your proposal, so please make sure your proposal is comprehensive and high-quality contentl.

The final right of interpretation belongs to CryptoArt.Ai.

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