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4 min readDec 27, 2021


As New Year’s Day approaches, we are pleased to share with the community that we have partnered with SIBO LONGCHUANG to launch a limited edition Dunhuang NFT collection. This collaborative edition NFT is a brand new creation from SIBO LONGCHUANG, and to thank our community members and collectors for their support and companionship along the way, we are giving out a free limited edition Dunhuang NFT as a New Year’s Day greeting.

In the East, painting emphasises the combination of form and meaning, and totemic aesthetics are implied in the meaning of the painting. The dog is a symbol of loyalty and reliability, and is also a symbol of family stability and interpersonal security.

Oriental Aesthetics — Limited Edition Dunhuang NFT

“Dunhuang”, a treasure of civilisation that has been chiselled to portray 1600 years of history and the fusion of four ancient civilisations; “No Waste”, the self-awakening of mankind to reflect on civilisation. The “Flowing Spectacle” is the polish of “No Waste Dunhuang”, a digital artwork that brings the caves into time and space, and leads you to a dream of an infinite sea of stars.

Supported by CryptoArt.Ai, this series are the first collaborative NFT collection created on the BSC network! The first issue of the Dunhuang Series — Dog NFT will be distributed free of charge to our subscribers, and we will also be releasing exclusive Dunhuang Series NFTs in collaboration with SIBO LONGCHUANG, so that more NFT lovers can enjoy the oriental aesthetics and splendid NFT with Dunhuang colours.

Let’s have a look!

CH0022-Flowing Spectacle — Star River -Dogs — Water
CH0027-Flowing Spectacle — River of Stars — Hosokawa — Mountain
CH0035-Flowing Spectacle — Star River — Dogs — Wild

To thank the community for their continued support and companionship, we are opening up the whitelist.

The whitelist will offer 1,000 spots, each of which will qualify to receive a Dunhuang NFT, which is highly appreciated and collectible art. Only 300 NFTs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis!

To qualify for the whitelist, you need to complete the corresponding tasks, for details click:

Reward rules

NFTs will be distributed to members of the CryptoArt.Ai network community based on the following criteria.

● From 27 December 2021 to 30 December 2021, any user can participate in the Dunhuang NFT by completing the task list to qualify for the whitelist.

● The number of limited edition Dunhuang NFTs is 300 and those with whitelist eligibility can receive directly.

Dunhuang NFT Schedule

27 December 2021 at 10:00 (UTC) to open the whitelist application.

30 December 2021, 10:00 UTC, Whitelist campaign closes.

1 January 2022 at 10:00 (UTC), opening of the Dunhuang NFT airdrop.

3 January 2022, 24:00 (UTC), NFT airdrop closes.

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