Multi-chain cooperation|CryptoArt.Ai has successfully deployed BSC network

Ai has successfully deployed the BSC network, which is one of the few decentralized NFT digital crypto art trading marketplaces in the industry where both the ethereum and coin ecosystems are currently deployed.

Why choose cross-chain?

High ethereum Gas fees

The popularity of DeFi, NFT and GameFi has pushed the Ethernet Gas fee to a high point in a short period of time, which has led to users not only paying more but also enduring the network congestion. In contrast, BSC can meet the needs of user transactions while lowering the on-chain Gas fee, indirectly lowering the threshold for users to use and enter the blockchain, and providing more options for project parties and user transactions.

BSC ecological advantages cannot be ignored

The BSC network, which was born more than a year ago, as the top ecological foundation, is developing very brightly in the public chain field nowadays. In the DeFi field, although the lock volume of the ethereum still rank first, the ecological prosperity is less than that of the BSC, which ranks second in lock volume. The total transfer volume on the BSC exceeds 1 billion, over 800 active projects, and the average daily active address exceeding 1 million, all of which surpass the ethereum. Currently covering well-known projects in DeFi, gaming, NFT, wallets, social and tools, the BSC chain has a rich and extremely fast-growing ecosystem. The cross-chain BSC can greatly attract NFT creators from the Binance Smartchain to integrate their NFT works into the CryptoArt.Ai BSC ecosystem, thus building a diverse, multi-dimensional and multi-chain NFT system.

Achieving cross-chain is the basic market plan of CryptoArt.Ai

CryptoArt.Ai has always been deployed at the steady pace of a mature project, with technology development, investment and cooperation, market development and ecological construction, and its core values can all be seen in the development process.

As early as September 14, the ecological pass CART has already achieved cross-chain, now supporting two public chains, ETH and BSC, and providing CART/BNB initial liquidity on PancakeSwap, which has been affirmed by the market. The deployment of BSC network on CryptoArt.Ai this time will help enrich the CryptoArt.Ai ecology as well as more application scenarios and add more liquidity.

If innovation and market capitalisation are the window for the market to view the current state of public chain development, then as the basic bottom layer of the blockchain industry, the developer ecology and community are drives. It is such a huge mass base and good ecological experience. To provide a better service and product experience to the majority of NFT enthusiasts, after official discussions, we have unanimously decided that we will officially deploy the BSC network!

What’s next?

Enrich options and optimize user experience

When logging into the CryptoArt.Ai platform, users can decide whether to enter the Ether or BSC network for NFT art transactions. Artists can freely choose to publish their works on different chains, and collectors can choose to buy NFT artworks on different eco-chains.

As the chains are different, the corresponding fees and confirmation times will be completely different.

Handling fee: compared to the high fee of $1000 for the ETH main chain, the BNB handling fee is significantly lower.

Confirmation time: Compared to the 15s-1min confirmation time on the ETH main chain, the BSC network is ten times faster.

Powerful ecological support, opening up new ways of NFT

With the support of multiple chains, the mobility of CryptoArt.Ai trading market is enhanced, and the asset switching operation will be simpler. Meanwhile, multi-chain will expand the layout, volume of users, and influence. We aim to lay a solid foundation for CA’s further expansion, and the acceleration of platform development.

CryptoArt.Ai will keep opening up the NFT market, breaking barriers, expanding its influence globally, providing easy access for everyone. The deployment of the BSC network is an important step of CryptoArt.Ai, we hope you could further explore and enjoy NFT art with it.

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The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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The Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect these authentic artworks

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