Official Info|Mazzanti & Co.CryptoArt.Ai to launch A NFT art cross-border “convening order”, starting the 2022 brand promotion

On November 8, 2021, the Italian handmade hypercar brand Mazzanti Automobili announced that it will join hands with Asia’s leading NFT art platform CryptoArt.Ai to present a 6-month NFT digital art cross-border handmade sports car fashion art event. During the Shanghai Art Month event, the brand promotion of Mazzanti 2021–2022 will be kicked off.

Mazzanti, as an Italian national treasure-class handmade sports car brand, was established in 2002 and has more than 20 years of manufacturing history of top supercars and hypercars. In 2008, Mazzanti officially entered the American market with the supercar Evantra having a top speed of over 400km/h, and entered the American market after logging into the Hollywood big screen Speedracer, and then gained popularity in the North American market. At the same time, the Mazzanti Evantra hypercar also appeared in major games, including: Asphalt8, Asphalt9, CSRracing, DriveClub (PS4), etc. In 2021, attracted by the strategic investment of the Prince of Saudi Arabia (Abdulaziz bin Abdullah AI Saud), Mazzanti will enter the project “SaudiVision2030”. At present, Mazzanti has landed in Saudi Arabia and is designing a new generation of hydrogen and biofuel power system.

As a strategic partner, CryptoArt.Ai is currently Asia’s largest decentralized NFT encrypted digital art gallery. It is a global community of artists and collectors that integrates NFT generation, sales, auctions, collections, and transfers, and is committed to promoting NFT encryption art is a thriving digital art trading platform. At present, the number of artists on the platform, the rate of art transactions, and the amount of art transactions are among the top 1 in the Asian market.

In this cooperation, CryptoArt.Ai and Art Digital Power, as a strategic partner, will jointly launch a NFT digital art cross-border creation “convening order” with Mazzanti Automobili. From the day of the event to January 3, 2021, a six-month period will be used In time, excellent worldwide digital artists are invited to use Mazzanti’s brand concept: “FAR FROM THE COMMON MARKET LOGIC, WITH A PURE SOUL.” as the core of their creation, with “cars” as the medium, and use creation to respond to the understanding and feelings of Mazzanti’s brand concept. . After the “calling order”, each participating artist will have a period of three months to prepare and create; the final entries will be publicized and presented in a touring exhibition, and the organizer will also vote through the selection committee during the exhibition process The selection mechanism will vote for outstanding works of art to be awarded, and will be unveiled globally with Mazzanti’s latest handmade hybrid hypercar at the new car launch conference in April 2022. Not only that, the final winning works will also form a complete bid with Mazzanti’s latest manual supercar in 2022, which will be auctioned on the “NFT Encrypted Art Auction” curated by well-known domestic auction houses in the spring of 2022. (for details, please refer to the announcement of follow-up activities).

In this regard, Carlo Trotta, Chief Expansion/Project Officer of Mazzanti China, and NFT Innovation Officer of Mazzanti Group said: This event will be a very rare opportunity for Mazzanti to export Mazzanti’s brand culture to the Chinese market and introduce the craftsmanship of hand-made one of a kind hypercars and the brand era development plan.

Qin Jianxin, Chairman of CryptoArt.Ai, said: In fact, there are endless cases of cross-border fashion in art, and the joint creation of artists and luxury cars has gradually formed a practice since the 1970s, but since March this year, After the NFT became popular at home and abroad, the NFT encrypted art creation and the sports car carried out cross-border creation and auction. This should be the first case in the world, and it is also a meaningful attempt-how to use encrypted digital art. “Transform” a sports car that is part of a heavy industry product? How virtual digital creation deconstructs and reshapes the definition of physical objects, and collides with sparks… This is very exciting.

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