Spotted: An immersive exhibition of NFT Art — -the First Global Crypto Art Exhibition is here!

Crypto art is making a hit. Given the fact that non-physical is the nature of crypto art, this time, you can see them in real life, with sound on, here in Shanghai, China.

Audience taking pictures of art work on display

CryptoArt.AI celebrates its first global NFT crypto art exhibition “The A Realistic Shocking of the Virtual Authenticity” on May 29th. As one of the most academically concentrated NFT exhibitions, it embraces both dazzled visual attractiveness and professional summit forum Opportunity for Innovation.

A glimpse over the exhibition scene

Inspiring speeches have been given by guest speakers from both financial and art backgrounds, from their unique view towards the future of integrated intelligence. WhaleShark, a mega collector of NFT art, is the cherished sponsor of the exhibition with five works from the WHALE The Vault asset pool.

Over a hundred latest NTF crypto artworks from the global art online community or social network have been presented in the exhibition. This is a zesty treat for both art-goers as well as art professionals. You can witness the heatedly debated Beeple’s Everyday: The First 5,000 Days, the world’s highest auction record holder among crypto art, new media artist Emmer Young’s work, Jonathan Nash’s surrealist digital works utilizing smartphones to provokes thoughts.

The exhibition hall was fully packed on the exhibition opening day with a large group of audience. Thanks to the diversity and accessible manner shown by the exhibition, it received a warm welcome on the opening day with a large group of audience. Surging popularity for NFT art is widely recognized by the public and professionals with booming attention.

【Blockchain +crypto】

Let me get you a quick review of Blockchain + crypto art.

Blockchain technology has made it possible to transform physical asset trading to authenticity trading. That’s why NFT, the non-fungible token is perfect for digital artwork which can be regarded as digital assets. This is a feast for both the financial industry and the art market, as well as artists who are craving notice and recognition for their work and get fairly rewarded. The cryptocurrency is the bond that ties up the authenticity, the artworks active in virtual trading are known as crypto art.

【A record-maker 】

Artists are taking action. Let’s say, the most well-known auction for artist Beeple’s work The First 5000 Days (2007–2021) made a record price of $69 million at Christie’s. It’s quite a unique piece of work for the artist put together 5000 of his work created day by day for 13-and-a-half years, a brief history of Beeple’s art creation chronologically.

Beeple’s work is featured on Christies’ auction page

【A successful reinvention of an artwork】

Another artist Banksy also got his work sold online in a crypto way. Yet the work got burned, which is destroyed completely into ashes in the physical. Yet it got its reborn by recording the whole burning process as a live streaming video posted online and has been sold with the digital tokens for $380,000.

This is an unexpected day for the art world, and together this two event has been written in history. These two artists have broken the limit of the definition of NFT art and make NFT art a heated topic.

【What’s going on in the Exhibition】

Qin Jianxin, founder of CryptoArt.AI, believes the potential of NFT is yet to e discovered. As the curator of the exhibition, he used crypto art metaphors to unveil the art history milestones that amaze the mutualistic moments between art and technology: Double Wings, Imitation, Singularity features the three chapters of the exhibition.

Jianxin Qin, Curator of the exhibition and founder of CryptoArt.AI

Double Wings, art and technology are the pair of angel wings that empower the progress of human being history. The mutualism between the two wings become even indispensable after the merge of new media art and digital art.

Meanwhile, Imitation talks about the subject of art creation, as well as the interaction between human and machine.

Singularity explains the transform of crypto art, NFT, and transaction methods thanks to the emerging blockchain technology. We, the witnesses, can spot the leap and reflection of art, and how creativity based on data validation responds to the decentralized system.

In the “Singularity” section, viewers will see, for example, artist Xin Qi’s award-winning work Flash. This work embraces Zen meditation, “a door and a group of people” is the mere subject to illustrate the moment of enlightenment. The work reveals the chanting and of “Evergreen spirit in the mountains and the sea, yet ephemeral our life is “, and the subtle thoughts of human nature are delicately delineated with the innovative digital technique of technology.

Qi Xin, Flash

As a fan of David Hockney, artist Ke Wang’s digital painting Swimming Pool, created on an Ipad, was even rewarded a like by his idol on social media. Swimming is a movement to privately lose oneself and generate inner self-awareness. With the brushstrokes of the Apple Pencil, the gentle and firm guardianship of a fetus in its mother’s body is recaptured.

Ke Wang’s Swimming Pool was like by artist David Hockney

The exhibition goes international. Marcelo Cantu, the 3D photographer who worked with Cardi B and Kim Kardashian, is also well-versed with make-up and advertisement, proudly presents her work SNAKES to explain her vision for the future.

Marcelo Cantu, SNAKES (left)

Disconnected, the work made by Tadeusz Chmiel, calls for people’s reflection on the relationship with nature. The artist works for Disney, with participations in Star War and The Game of Throne fully believes in the exquisiteness that can be achieved in digital art that can be distributed t with the powerful support of the internet.

Tadeusz Chmiel, Disconnected

【How we view the exhibition】

The exhibition theme “A Realistic Shocking of the Virtual Authenticity”, which paraphrases art theorist Robert Hugh’s The Shock of the New (1980) in its title. This book, with a BBC documentary of the same name, explores the new influences and shocks that modern art has had on traditional art since Impressionism, and how they have shaped the contemporary art landscape. In this context, the impact of authenticity on physical art and trade in the age of crypto art is a phenomenally ongoing event.

Artists/groups from all over the world took part in the exhibition. Some just started their art career as crypto artists, while some are notably experienced in the art world, including Beeple. As mentioned above, his work is sold at a controversial price, which challenges and enlightens the rules of the art market.

Beeple, Everyday: The First Five Thousand Days is available on the view of the exhibition

Here’s how the thing goes. The debate on the change from entity to authenticity trade lies in two aspects.

The pros and cons brought by the advancing blockchain technology are still in the progress of syncing itself with the self-sufficient and relatively independent art world. Given the fact that blockchain technology was born in the 1980s and entered the mainstream world in 2012, the perfectly cooperative NFT biosystem is still ideal and in its early stage.

Meanwhile, digital art excites people’s eye with popular art genres with bold colors and virtuosity in digital technology, the value, and resonance to the public is still pale comparing with its stunning price.

There we witness a considerable cyber future build on the firm and efficient base of blockchain, as well as the surging power of digital art in China that changes the era.

The summit forum “An Opportunity for Innovation” dedicated to a clearer future of crypto art and NFT transactions is also held at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Art and science have long been advancing each other in the development of human civilization, and art never fails to foresee and lead the process of human civilization. In this summit forum, we foresee the future together and explore the infinite possibilities of the future.

The exhibition lasts till June 6th. Please come by and say hi!


Participating Artists:

Beeple, Pak, Hackatao, Ouchhhh, Marcelo Cantu, Max Mao, Jon Noorlander, Suryanto, Jonathan Nash, Andreas, chmiel_art, marc0matic, Shindo, yellosesame, Charles Cheong, CornelSwoboda, etienecraus, Glass Grane, mbsjq

Zhang Huan, Aimer Yang, VJ Elephant, Song Ting, Wang Ke, Xin Qi

Curators: Du Xi Yun, Qin Jianxin

Producer: Jin Wei, Pan Wei, Zhu Zheng

Art Consultant: Wan Heng, Song Ting, Shi Ran

Exhibition Coordinator: Pan Chenjia, Zhi Ming


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