Tadeusz Chmiel Infuses Top Cinematic Vision into Crypto Digital art, Giving NFT Unlimited Possibilities

5 min readJul 3, 2021

Tadeusz Chmiel is a Polish digital artist and oil painter working for Disney/ILM who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dedicated to visual effects for films in the last 15 years, he has begun his own intimate creation that is completely different from his career, which is inspired by inner experiences and feelings.

Tadeusz Chmiel

For the past 10 years, Tadeusz has been a visual artist. During this time he has worked on various films such as Lars von Trier’s Melancholia, Game of Thrones, four Star Wars films, the Marvel movies, etc. These include, among others, Captain America: Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, City of a Thousand Planets, and The Terminator. Nominated in the Best Visual Effects category at the Oscars (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019). Winner of the VES Award for Best Environment as part of the team of Doctor Strange (2016), the Amy Award as part of the compositing team (2016), etc.

At the beginning of his career, he won online competitions on max3d.pl (2008, 2011, 2014) and IT’S Art (2010), the largest digital art community in Poland. At the same time, he has been developing traditional drawing skills, and he is particularly fond of oil painting. He often says, “Making films helps me to work on my digital skills, while oil painting helps me to understand more deeply how to portray emotions and teaches me to be honest about my art. In my work, I try to combine the two mediums by translating traditional artistic sensibilities into the digital world to find my own voice in art”.

Instagram Page of Tadeusz Chmiel

Though Tadeusz teases himself on Instagram as “Bad at social media, good at digital art”, you can always check his latest work at Instagram chmiel_art or http://chmiel-art.com. He speaks with his works, you will never be failed.

Early works of the artist

Cryptoart.AI: I noticed that you have previously worked as a 3D designer for Marvel movies and Disney films. What is your most impressive film?

Tadeusz Chmiel: Working on Star Wars movies was for sure the realization of my childhood dreams. I worked on the last four of them, each was very special and challenging in its own way. I would say Star Wars: Solo gives me the most artistic satisfaction. I had a lot of really cool and moody shots to work on. Also, our team was amazing and worked like a well-designed machine. With a lot of inside jokes and a friendly atmosphere, even a challenging project could be a lot of fun. Big Kudos to the guys!

Working on movies really helps me improving my craft, meeting amazing talented artists, also gives me a lot of satisfaction when seeing my work on the big screen.

Cryptoart.AI: What was your experience and identity that makes you proud before becoming an NFT artist?

Tadeusz Chmiel: I was working in the movie industry for the past 10 years, and I remember when I saw my name in the movie titles for the very first time. I remember this being my biggest milestone when a lot of stuff clicked in my head, I knew I wanted to do it for a living.


Cryptoart.AI: Where do you get your inspiration from? Can you explain the style of your work to your collectors?

Tadeusz Chmiel: This is a bit tricky because it’s purely based on being in the flow state and listening to the unconscious. I'm trying not to plan a ton beforehand and just listen to my instincts.

I draw my inspiration from everyday life, from my relationship with my wife, family, from the culture I grew up in, from life challenges and hopes.

Instead of creating illustrations that describe the topic in a literal way (like I do in my movie shots) I’m focusing more on feelings and being present in specific moments. Leaving space for a viewer to find his own story.


Cryptoart.AI: What has been the biggest change for you since you met NFT Art?

Tadeusz Chmiel: I was doing my personal artworks for the past years, sometimes taking 6 months' sabbaticals to work on animation or illustrations. I wasn’t paid, nobody asked for it, and for past years I didn’t even post it online. It’s something I have to do to stay sane and inspired.

But I always had to be more focused on work, to pay for the roof, see the world and meet people.

Right now, when digital art is starting to be perceived the same way as a traditional art market, I can dedicate more time to doing my art. As NFT became part of my income.


Cryptoart.AI: Do you think NFT art is as important as other types of art? Why?

Tadeusz Chmiel: Absolutely, digital art is a medium that gives unlimited possibilities. What matters is how artists use it. What they want to convey.

The tricky part is that it’s very technical and artists need to have time to figure it out before they can use it freely and focus on art rather than technical stuff.

We are now experiencing that shift, with NFT, with technology making huge leaps forward, allowing 3D with more interaction. Artists being more artists than technicians. In the next couple of years, I can see digital art being more present in the art market and museums.

Cryptoart.AI: Can you think of some technical innovations to do with NFT art to give it a whole new experience?

Tadeusz Chmiel: Possibilities are limitless, from simple ones like showing animated/evolving art on the living room wall, instead of traditional painting. To VR experience that places a viewer inside the artwork. I can imagine living art forms that merge digital art, games, movie, music, and VR, and I can’t wait for the future !!

To know more about Tadeusz Chmiel, please visit Cryptoart.AI.com




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