We are Enveloped by Crypto Art

3 min readNov 20, 2022

In the crypto art world, there is no sense of boundaries, no rules and regulations.

regardless of borders, regardless of color and size.

What is at stake is the interplay of imagination.

It has been four years since the birth of NFT. From fragmented cryptokitties to the NFT frenzy triggered by Beeple auctions, in mid-2021, NFT ushered in a real explosion period. Whether it is from the Google search index or media reports, NFT has successfully and widely triggered new social thinking with the attitude of a new thing.

From the superficial NFT art — PFP, to the deep impact of right confirmation, the fact is that the impact is far more powerful than what we have seen!

CryptoArt.Ai participated in “Crypto Shanghai”

On November 11, 2022, the first “Crypto Shanghai” exhibition participated by CryptoArt.Ai officially opened. In a limited space, you can get a glimpse of encrypted numbers. From the gallery of the Himalayas Museum of Art, encryption art shuttles through the endless cyberspace, infinitely expanding the power of wildness in numbers, dream creation art, and endless imagination.

In this exhibition, CryptoArt.Ai, as the exhibitor, exhibited the works of many outstanding artists at home and abroad. In the NFT works that have never been met, appreciate, wander, and clean up the beauty of art, talk freely about the new trend of thought in digital art, and develop crypto art together. , to promote the transformation of the art ecology.

“Building nests to attract phoenixes and leading the trend” is the position of Himalayan Museum Director Shen Qibin on Web3.0 digital art.

What will the digital art gallery look like? In Shen Qibin’s view, the time and space of traditional art museums are relatively fixed, and their development is therefore restricted. The digital art museum is not limited by time and space, and its development will be more free and open. The digital art museum model should be explored according to the needs of different art museums, and has infinite possibilities.

At the same time, the art exhibition that CryptoArt.Ai participated in has received in-depth reports from many overseas and domestic media, including follow-up reports from Shanghai Securities News.

Crypto art never stops

Any crypto art should not stop here. From the early online NFT art to offline art exhibitions, NFT has become more intimate. In a limited space, we experience a real social experience, and through the rendering of NFT art, we can directly strike the heart again and again.

It is undeniable that this is a new phenomenon-level power. From the world of nothingness to the web3 power supported by blockchain and brands, NFT is decoupled from reality and integrated with reality, pursuing another in chaos and interlacing. A perfect fusion.

This art exhibition, CryptoArt.Ai will not stop, always trendy, always beating free souls, chasing the next market explosion. NFT exhibition, we are still on the way!

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